Sunday, December 19, 2010

The End of An (Hilarious) Era

Last week, we lost a legend. No, not Bob Feller, but Larry King, who didn't actually die, but his career certainly did. Yes, after 25 years, Larry King has retired Larry King Live. Unfortunately, he waited about five years too long.

Fortunately, those extra five years have shown us that Larry is no longer the great interviewer he once was and is now a doddering old fool. And if doddering old fools are good for one thing, it's embarrassing themselves with no shame, much like when that doddering old fool Regis Philbin slapped Nicki Minaj on the ass on live TV (and boy, was Kelly Ripa quick to jump all over him for that). And Larry King is no exception. His past five years have been filled with some hilariously douche chilly moments, so much so that it's a wonder the suits at CNN didn't pull his plug before now. But I'm glad they didn't, as we would have been robbed of some of the greatest moments in the history of television.

So, as a tribute to the end of King's reign, here's some of Larry's greatest moments, captured for posterity, so that we can all remember the King's legacy of idiocy. Enjoy.

During an interview with Sharon Tate's sister, Larry hits us with some breaking news about who really committed the Tate/LaBianca murders:

After watching Jake Brown's horrific skateboarding crash approximately 100 times, Larry utters a classic internet meme at the 3:56 mark:

Larry gets bored with this tale of rape and kidnapping and becomes fascinated with groceries:

During an interview with Al Pacino (whose hair is frightening), Larry becomes "That Guy that Asks Celebrities to Do Lines from Their Movies":

And, in possibly the greatest thing to ever be shown on TV, in discussing Dr. Laura's use of the word "nigger" on her show, Larry comes up with a PC version that is more offensive than the actual word:

He will be missed.