Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kevin Smith Got Run

If you've been in a coffin for the past couple of days, you might have missed that Kevin Smith got thrown off of a Southwest Airlines flight for being too fat. But, considering this is one of the biggest celebrity stories out there right now (Smith has already turned down offers to appear on Good Morning America and Larry King Live), I suspect you have.

If you follow Smith's already-copious Twitter postings, you know that he has doubled his output just commenting on this thing. And his last two SModcasts have been dedicated to nothing but this incident. I don't think Southwest realized that they were throwing a guy off a plane that has a HUGE internet following (1.67 million Twitter followers) which he was going to use to absolutely kick the shit out of Southwest with.

And Southwest's decision doesn't seem to make any sense. Smith was able to fit "inside the armrests," which is Southwest's criterion for fatness. Smith claims there was a fatter person on the flight that was allowed to stay on after Smith was ejected. And, on his second flight, Smith was sat next to a woman who just had the same thing happen to her.

Of course Smith is going to fucking destroy Southwest. Minutes after all this happened, Smith posted about a hundred times to his Twitter account, ragging on Southwest. This is the worst possible kind of p.r. that Southwest could ever receive.

The Girl and I are going to see Smith speak in March. I can't wait to hear this story live.